Ultimate Champions Taekwondo provides training to students of all ages and levels!
To find a qualified  Ultimate Champions Taekwondo Association location enter your zip code above and search! If a schedule does not fit you, you can view and call other locations near you.

Organization members have access to the best instruction and events!
All locations are individually owned and operated. Join the best Taekwondo with the highest level of training, Our program is proven to give results. Our web special comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

Nationally Ultimate Champions Taekwondo has been recognized to be one of the top Taekwondo organizations. Our proven network of highly skilled Masters & Instructors help us provide the best instruction for our students. Our strength in unity help us to provide not only the best instruction but work together to do great community work including doing events for St. Judes children's hospital which we raised over 100K dollars. All schools are individually owned and operated. Ultimate Champions Taekwondo locations unify in Taekwondo to participate in tournaments nationally and internationally. Ultimate Champions Taekwondo participates in demonstrations in the tri-state area providing a fun filled demonstration with flying kicks, flashing nunchakus, bos, kamas. You can expect to see board breaking, balloon popping, brick & cement power breaks along with flashy fire breaks as well. Our team has performed for most major league sports teams as well as many large organizations.

Besides the demonstrations the association is home to USA national team members, multiple state champions and international competitors as well. Ultimate Champions Taekwondo members are all proud members of the USAT the governing body of Taekwondo in the United States. The association is also home to many world ranked World Champions currently running locations.

Not only has the group been known for their high level of martial arts skills, The schools participate in a Break-A-Thon event where students of each school broke boards for charity. Over 10,000 boards were broken and over 100,000 dollars was raised for Children with cancer for St. Judes Childrens Hospital. The organization showed their unity and their good heart. We also showed that our martial arts students do more than just kick.

Ultimate Champions Taekwondo network of Taekwondo schools are growing day by day. Changing students lives one class at a time, they strive to make an impact in everyday lives of students.

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