To those of you checking us out for the first time, thanks for considering Westside Kickboxing as a place to help you lose weight, tone muscles and flatten your stomach all while learning the art of Kickboxing! Maybe you’ve been wanting to try a martial art for many years or maybe you’re a little bored of your current exercise routine. Whatever the reason I know that many of you are looking for an exciting way to get in shape and stay healthy. I encourage you to look at our videos to see our students in action. Don’t be intimidated, Kickboxing is for everyone! Our gym welcomes all individuals no matter your experience and fitness level. All our instructors are friendly and we make sure to treat all our students like family. Westside Kickboxing is an ego-free environment! You’ll be comfortable, safe and you’ll have a great time while sweating, punching, kicking and doing all sorts of kickboxing drills. Once you’ve watched our videos, take a look at our schedule and fees to see if we fit into your plans. Then give us a call or send an email to arrange a $10 trial class. You’ll meet some of our students, meet your instructors and find out if our style of kickboxing suits your needs.

Westside Kickboxing incorporates the best techniques of Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing into a fun, fast and intense workout. Learn quick punches and powerful kicks while doing drills and exercises that will get you fit. We offer group classes and personal training. Transform your body and mind!

Muay Thai (literally translated as Thai Boxing) is known as the science of 8 limbs because it uses the body’s 8 striking points‚ both fists, both elbows, both knees and both legs. Punches, elbow strikes, knees and kicks are only some of the things that you will learn at Westside Kickboxing. Learn offensive and defensive combinations. Improve footwork, balance and flexibility in a fun and safe environment. Hit the heavy bag, punch the focus mitts or kick the body shields. Flatten your stomach tone muscles‚ & relieve stress all while learning the art of Kickboxing! All classes are taught by Mr. Rey del Rosario. He has over 30 years of martial arts experience and over 40 victories in the ring. He has trained Provincial and National Champions and students ranging in age from 5 to 65 years old. Rey will make your Kickboxing experience fun, intense and challenging. You will always be encouraged to train at a safe pace, but always challenged to perform at your best.

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