About Me

Hi, my name is Windsor. I have been a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 13 years. I hope to make a positive impact by sharing my fitness and nutrition knowledge as a healthy role model to all my clients by sharing my Calisthenics system of training. Calisthenics are a form of exercise that consists of a variety of gross motor movements, often rhythmical, generally without using equipment or apparatus, thus in all essence body-weight training. My ability to manipulate the entire body with various exercise techniques and my knowledge in proper nutrition intake have allow me not only to ensure my clients success but to guaranteed them that their body will be strengthens, tones, and defines to every core muscle in their body.
Personal Trainer Alpharetta GA

What to Expect

A typical training routine consist of 45 to 60 minutes of a total body workout. Where every muscle in your body will be put to work.

  • 11775 Northfall Ln, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009, United States of America

I Speak Fluently in These Languanges
  • English
How Many Years Have You Been Training?


How Many Years Have You Been a Personal Trainer?


Preferred Skills Level

First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

My Certifications

NESTA Certified

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