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Established in 1996 in Oakland, California by Grandmaster Jin Suk Yang (Read more!), run by his students Master Sam Sa (Read more!), Master Brian Singer, and Master Edward Givans (Read more!). All three masters went on to prolific careers in martial arts. During this time, Master Elva Pai Adams a Student of Grandmaster Raymond Hsu (Read more!) during this time, Master Elva Pai Adams (Read more!) was becoming one of the most respected people in Taekwondo through competition and refereeing.

In 2008 the Oakland location under Master Brian Singer (Read more!) became a dedicated 501(c)3 NPO facility dedicated to the betterment of youth in the community through Sport Taekwondo. This facility continues on under Master TJ Curry (Read more!) as Precision Martial Arts (Check it out).
World Taekwondo Center has been helping to raise not only the future of Taekwondo in the US but also leaders of our society, with countless students that go on to make the National Team and students that go on to prestigious universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, West Point, and UTSA!

Knowing each other from Taekwondo events over the years, Master Brian Singer and Master Elva Adams realized they had more than just the love of Taekwondo in common; they had a love for each other. The relocation of Master Brian Singer to San Antonio TX where a new generation of World Taekwondo Center students will benefit from the vast knowledge shared by its founders.

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