9th Dan Grand Master Young Il Kong and Young Bo Kong both founded Young Brothers Taekwondo Associates in 1968. The two brothers opened their first martial arts school in Pottstown, Pennsylvania under the name Young Brothers Taekwondo.


Grand Master Young Il Kong participated in a demonstration team lead by General Choi, who is the “Father of Taekwondo” and traveled to 127 countries to introduce the world to Taekwondo more than 30 years ago. Grand Master Young Il Kong also assisted General Choi with the design of the International Taekwondo Federation patterns that is used today by many taekwondo schools, include Young Brothers Taekwondo.


Young Brother’s success in teaching Taekwondo has resulted in many of their student’s advancement to a higher degree black belts. Notably, some of their higher ranking students began opening up their own Taekwondo schools across the United States. This movement led to the establishment of the first Young Brothers Taekwondo school in Houston, Texas by Grandmaster Mark Giambi.


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