Welcome to 99 Jiu-Jitsu HQ
At our martial arts school in San Diego, CA, we provide classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, submission grappling, and boxing. Our comprehensive lessons are taught by skilled, professional, and supportive instructors who will help you improve your health, physical ability, and mental strength.

We offer classes for all skill levels as well as kid's classes and women's only classes.

Whether you're looking to get in shape, improve your skills, or learn self-defense, we provide engaging, enriching, and fun martial arts classes!

About Our Martial Arts Instructors
Eduardo Telles Moriera is the head Jiu-Jitsu instructor at our martial arts school. Eduardo is a world champion for multiple areas and is the creator of the Jiu-Jitsu style called Turtle Guard. Turtle Guard is a well-regarded technique and is well-known around the world. Lastly, Eduardo has more than 25 years of experience in the martial arts world.

Our other instructors include Wilson Reis, John “Johnny” Gurule, and Rob Lopez. Our members are trained by the best of the best in the martial arts industry. Our instructors have years of knowledge and experience and know how to work with a variety of students.

What Do Our Instructors Teach?
Jiu-Jitsu including kids jiu-jitsu, women's jiu-jitsu
self-defense including women's only self-defense
Muay Thai
Mixed Martial Arts
Lastly, we provide 20% discount for military and 20% discount for students. Additionally, we offer a deal where if you sign up, you'll receive a free full uniform. (Gi is the uniform name. pronounced "Ghee")

We help students gain confidence, discover self-defense, get an awesome workout, build community, and have a ton of fun. Contact our academy at (858) 276-0290 today to sign up for a class.

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