We do not just sell you a gym membership and send you in to get lost in the weights,
or settle for treadmills and machines... staring at a big screen TV thinking you are doing
the best workout to see your fitness goals become reality.
Most people say our Conditioning Classes are like personal training because
we believe in teaching, coaching and instructing and we've hand picked out trainers
to deliver the best training programs available anywhere.
Even professional athletes have coaches and trainers, WHY?
Because even the smallest improvements and training motivation
make them better! Our philosophy is that even Trainers need Trainers!
We all need a coach or trainer to help us achieve and maximize the results we want
from a fitness program in the shortest amount of time and at an affordable price.

Is it time? Yes? Not tomorrow! Today! Ready?
Ready to do what? To get in shape. To get in butt-kicking-ready-for-the0-world shape. Yes? Let's go! Check out our Facebook page for ongoing cool stuff, and then see what our clients say...We provide cutting edge fitness programs, personal training, special needs fitness, kid’s fitness programs, nutritional guidance, and self defense and Mixed Martial Arts programs. We are a family gym with programs for adults and kids K-12.

Group Conditioning Class Programs...
include Bootcamp, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA classes, Pilates and Core Training, Zumba, Butts and Guts, and TRX Suspension Training.

Nutritional Programs...
provide you with the knowledge of exactly what and how much you need to eat in order to see the best results based on your goals, age, current fitness level, and your activity level.

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