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Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be a life-changing decision. Not only is it one of the most effective self-defense techniques you can learn, it instills a quiet confidence, teaches patience, and promotes a healthier lifestyle. Students of all ages quickly improve their stamina & flexibility, enjoy training with family and friends, and become part of a growing BJJ community that now extends around the globe.

We offer training for all levels and goals: Anti-bullying, fitness, self-defense & competition. Stop by our academy to take a complimentary trial class.

“I’ve trained at several different BJJ schools here in the US and in Brazil. Honor Roll is one of the best ones I’ve been to. Bruno is a fantastic teacher and he stands for the true roots of Jiu Jitsu and traditional teaching.
The guys are super nice and it’s a family oriented school. Most adults that practice have their own kids enrolled at the kid’s program, how cool is that?
The facilities are also really good and the staff is welcoming and super nice.
You have to check the school out if you’re serious about learning BJJ.”

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